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When I was asked to review this game, I thought about how often we sit down as a family and play an actual board game. 

Regular readers will know that my boys, especially Badger, are football crazy and we spend a considerable amount of time that training and at matches. What we rarely do though is sit around the table and get the games out. 

Since we received Wordsearch Junior to try, I’ve made a conscious effort to play more games and watch less TV. I wasn’t sure how the kids would react to less of the goggle-box, but it turns out that they really enjoyed games night! We enjoyed it so much we have been making a regular thing of it on a Sunday after dinner. 

Look at the concentration on that little face! 

Wordsearch Junior is a brilliant game for everyone. We all enjoyed spending time together but the one of us that benefited the most was definitely the five year old.

Aimed at children aged 4 and over, and I’d say that was about right. Robot is three and was ‘teamed up’ with an adult but Badger managed well on his own. 

Wordsearch Junior has three levels of play; patterns, words with hints and plain words. The three levels of play are a great concept because there was a version of the game they could both really enjoy. My three year old liked searching for the patterns the most, whereas the older one was keen to play using ‘real words’. We played the most rounds of the middle level which has words with a picture prompt at the beginning. The levels are colour coded and easy to follow.

Playing this game made me realise that the older of the two children really has a great grasp of his sounds, phonics and spellings – I was proud watching him play this game. 

I have no doubt that Wordsearch Junior will serve as a useful and engaging aid for both boys over the next few years.

The game retails at £18.99 and is from Drumond Park. I think this is a fair price, because although there are cheaper games out there, there aren’t many that provide ongoing educational fun like this one!

At first I had reservations about the lifespan of this game, but there are enough variations of it for the children to work through them all and have forgotten where the words are once they get back to the beginning.

This game kept the boys interested for a good hour, if not more, and we only stopped playing because it was bedtime. Definitely one that will be taken out time and time again over the holidays.

You can get your hands on your own Wordsearch Junior game because Drumond Park have very kindly allowed me one to give away to my lovely readers! It’s an easy rafflecopter entry and the competition is only going to run for a few days so be quick!

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  1. My favourite game as a child was a card game, rummy, that I used to play with my grandma. We often played this when she babysat and I used to try and stretch the game out so I didn’t have to go to bed at the usual time.

  2. I loved boggle and still play it now although with all my practice my husband hates playing because he always loses lol. My son is 5 and half now and he is happy to help me find words when i play alone and i show him words and tell him what they mean.

  3. My favourite board game was a game called Sorry that my grandparents have. Its that old that my dad who turned 50 in May use to play it with them when he was only young. I recently visited and myself (29), my dad(50) my grandmother (72) and my own son (9) were all sat playing it together. Its my favourite board game ever for the memories I have playing it.

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