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“When love is blood you’re never on trial,
it don’t get deeper than a mother and child”
Lyrics from ‘If I Was Your Mother’, by Bon Jovi

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Not so much an entire song but seventeen words that bring a lump to my throat each and every time I hear them. I can’t sing them, they stick in my throat and my voice breaks.
I don’t really know why these stand out over others, because I’m a great lover of emotional song lyrics, but when I read this week’s writing prompts from Mama Kat these lyrics immediately sprung to mind and there was no doubt that this was the prompt I’d choose.
For me, these few words sum up what it is to have that irreplaceable, unbreakable bond with your child. I can’t imagine how a mother would ever not have that, though I know that sadly some don’t and I am sad for those mothers, because there is absolutely nothing that even comes close to that feeling.
I know of people who have been through an incredibly trying time with their child, and I’ve heard others make comments like ‘I don’t know why she has anything to do with him’ or ‘If he were mine I’d have cut him off long ago’. It’s not always as simple as that though is it? I can’t imagine (and I hope I never find out) what it must be like to have to do something like cutting your own child out of your life. It must be absolutely heartbreaking, like a bereavement.
Because when you love your children, you love them unconditionally, and if ever I find myself in a situation where that is compromised, I’m not entirely sure I’d cope.

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  1. I soooo agree with you. That is a wonderful line to pull from a song. I’m actually going to posting something along these lines tomorrow, about being a good mom. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog description. I’m kind of searching for my identity right now or just going through a mid-life crisis!

  2. such a beautiful response to the prompt. *sigh* 🙂 I love hearing from your heart about the bond with your kids. I understand! Good to meet you thru the mamakat linkup!

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